Friday, October 5, 2012


I love Snapped, and today is a Memphis episode. Score.

I have been a fluffy ball of nerves the past few days. I started my pre-approval visits this week. The appointments I have been to have gone better than expected, but there have been a few surprises too.

Wednesday was my first appointment, this one with my primary care physician. I was most nervous about this one because if it didn't go the way I hoped, I felt that it would ruin this whole process for me. I have a great PCP, but he is an older doctor and is set in his old school ways. However, I explained to him that I was considering weight loss surgery, we discussed this and he agreed to submit a letter to my surgeon recommending me for weight loss surgery. It was almost too easy. This was such a big relief to me.

Wednesday afternoon was my consult with the nutritionist. This gal was such a sweetheart. She was very knowledgeable and easy to speak with. She did make some suggestions about dieting before the surgery. The biggest one is to cut out sweet tea. I thought ohmygoodness, NO, dont do this to me! Tennessee girls LOVE their sweet tea. But, I am willing to do this. I will find a new love.

The nutritionist also suggested that I started eating three balanced meals a day. Working nights my meals are backwards. I eat dinner with the hubby before I go to work. A small snack at work, such as a rice krispie treat and tea (ahhh). And then breakfast on my way home from work, which is almost always a pop tart. Her concern with eating on the go, although I dont eat much drive thru meals, is that I am not getting the protein and calcium I need. So I started taking calcium supplements and a multivitamin. She also gave me a protein shake to try. She said I could even substitute it for breakfast. It was the Myoplex Lite. Not horrible (although it did have that funky protein shake taste) but definately not as good as sweet tea.

Yesterday was my first visit at the surgeon's office. My sweet hubby took of work to go with me. He said he wanted to show them that I had a great support system. Ain't he a doll? After doing all the office paperwork, we went back.

First they took my weight. As soon as that number popped up I almost fell off the scale. I couldn't believe it. And not in a good way. I just had to remind myself that the weight is only going down from here. Just keep swimming...

Blood pressure was just as bad, but I attributed that to white coat syndrome. We then watched a video, then went in to talk to the RN. She discussed insurance and the pre-op procedure. She then asked me why I chose to have the lap band. I explained because it was less invasive, recovery time, blah blah blah. She then stated (big WHOA here) I think you would benefit more from the gastric sleeve. She explained to me that although she didn't want to persuade me one way or the other, the sleeve seem to be more effective for people with a higher BMI such as myself. This really took me by suprise just because I hadn't really considered the sleeve. All my research had been on the lap band, so I practically know nothing about the sleeve.

This has opened up a whole new can-o-worms for me. Now I have this to consider and research and pray about. It does make me a little nervous because it is more invasive and irreversible. However if it would be more beneficial to me, then maybe it is the right decision. So much to think about.

I think ill go think it about it over a pedicure...

Farewell my sweet friend.



  1. Hey there!! If you want to chat it out I would be so willing to answer questions etc. Have I mentioned how excited I am to have another TN gal in the bloggy world?!?!? You can email me: petmyport at gmail dot com
    I will sent you my # if you would like to text or call me. BTW hope this isn't too forward or freaky.

    1. I bet you aren't as excited as I am! I sooo appreciate having someone I can chat with! I will email you soon!

  2. Hey Ashley! I feel ya on the sweet tea...we southern girls love our sweet tea. Right now I am mourning the loss of grits. Also, if the sleeve had been an option for me at the time, I SO would have considered it. I did a post comparing and contrasting bypass and band but my insurance didn't cover the sleeve. The whole time I was doing that research, though, the sleeve was what kept coming up as perfect. Good luck with your decision. Love that we have another southern girl out there and this blog is TOOO cute!

    1. Also, I can vouch for AJ...she isn't freaky! LOL

    2. Thanks girl! I feel like I know you girls already :)

      Oh, and I'll take your word for it about AJ ;)

  3. AJ is freaky, but I like her that way :) I am in TN too!!! Feel free to email me any time... Rockband.Barbie at aol dot com

    1. All of these TN gals coming out of the woodwork, I love it!! Thanks girl, I've enjoyed your blog!