Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Today I finally received my letter of approval from the insurance company. But my "WOOHOO!" moment was short lived.

Looking over my letter I found out that insurance had approved me for the Lap Band when I was, in fact, suppose to be having the gastric sleeve done.

I immediately called the surgeons office and told them of my dilemma. Basically it came down to miscommunication between the surgeon's office and I. They informed me that they could re-submit the paperwork to have me approved for the sleeve instead. So that's what I asked them to do.

Now I am just a tad bit frustrated because I have been waiting for weeks for this damn letter, now I get to wait even longer.

My approval letter had a surgery date listed on it, it was set for December 19th. Now I am wondering if my surgery date will change if they approve me for the sleeve? Does the surgeon or insurance company set this date? Also, will it take as long to get the second approval as it did the first?

Any input would be appreciated!